Tips for Scientific Literature Searches

[Pro Tip - Don't actually use Bing for literature searches.... it's remarkably bad] Starting a new project the first time, whether it be starting graduate research in a new lab, starting a new postdoc, or as a PI with a new collaboration, means that you are going to need to get an idea of what … Continue reading Tips for Scientific Literature Searches

Citation Managers to Compile Literature

When you are diving into the scientific literature, it is important to accumulating work that has been done in the field you are planning on researching in. It takes a fair bit of time, but having the knowledge of what has been done and what still needs to be done in a particular field of … Continue reading Citation Managers to Compile Literature

Understanding Your New Field of Research

There are hundreds of academic journals publishing peer reviewed literature from all over the world. Even crazier is the hundreds of thousands of papers that are published each year. Hell, in my world, Optics Express publishes a couple hundred papers a month, and the vast majority of those articles have little to no direct impact … Continue reading Understanding Your New Field of Research