FIJI/ImageJ Definitions Quick Reference

Just to help you navigate some of the unfamiliar image analysis lingo you encounter: Image – 2D Array of gray values, with 8bit (0-255 grey values), 16bit (0-65536), or 32bit (6 decimal resolution any number) Stack – Multiple images stacked on top of each other. Usually makes a 3D data set. 3rd dimension = time, … Continue reading FIJI/ImageJ Definitions Quick Reference

Open Source Imaging Tools

Here's a non-exhaustive list of useful opensource imaging tools I use frequently or have come across and found intriguing/potentially useful. FIJI for image processing and analysis. Java based. Can code macros on most popular coding language, as well as imageJ’s own scripting language. I use this all the time. I swear by it. It’s not … Continue reading Open Source Imaging Tools

Tips for Staying Active in the Science Community

Staying active in the scientific community decades ago was primarily run through publishers, issuing rebuttals, commentary, opinions and short discussions on different aspects of various studies. Some researchers would get together at niche conferences to discuss progress and every year or two. By today's standards, this seems pretty slow. Today, with the internet current hold … Continue reading Tips for Staying Active in the Science Community